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DaQual has almost 400 views on your site. Gridiron Studs definitely played a role in helping DaQual with exposure. Thanks!

(sent after Daqual was featured in Espn article)

  • Les Randall

    Father of 2012 Recruit DaQual Randall

    A Heads up, alot of Div2 and a few D1AA schools have shown interest in me competing at the college level in 2011. In large part  due to this web page allowing these coaches to view my junior HS football season. Thank you Chad a senior HL video is in the making after starting the 2010 season last night with a 200yd / 3td game.

  • Kyle Brunson

    2011 Prospect

    Wanted to thank you for placing Kyle on the list ( Watch List ). It has definately helped his exposure. He has previously received attention from SEVERAL smaller school but this last week, WOW! Several FBS, and FCS schools have watched his Video. The verdict is still out as far as the extent of interest but your website has really given him more looks! We will keep in touch.

    Thanks again!

  • Trevor Barsamian

    Your site rocks. Thanks for the exposure.

  • JIm Smith

    Uncle of Ed Foley

    You hit the nail right on the head with your comments about Ed being a smart player and I was a little surprised that you reached your conclusions about Ed's play from just looking at a four minute video. It's uncanny how right on you are about Ed's play and if you talked to his coaches they would have given you the same opinions on his play that you arrived at

  • Robert P Zauck

    Father of Robbie Zauck

    Without your site my son would not have the opportunity he was given from all the colleges he was recruited from. Thank you so much for your wonderful site, I will continue to upload videos of my younger son because we have had so much success with our older son. Thank you again

  • Father of Myron Fleming

    Hey Mr Wilson loving the sight you're really doing a great job with it!

  • Father of Nate Berry

    I have another son who is a DB (5' 10" 175 lb.) and will be a sophmore this upcoming year. When I get film on him I definitely will be using your services

  • Neil Dunham

    Father of Kyle Dunham

    Chad, Thank you very much!!! I am amazed how accurate you are about Kyle. You basically nailed it. You summed up several things that Kyle has been told by his coach, other coaches at camps etc. ....... I thank you again for you help and we love your website and wish you the best. Thanks for letting Kyle be part of it!

  • Greg Fishback

    father of Nelson Fishback

    Thank you so much for doing that Chad. Nelson is wide open right now. He's already getting lots of personally signed mail and emails from coaches from out of state.

  • Patrone Wood

    Father of Patrone Wood III

    Patrone has been offered a starting position and signed as RB at a small D-2 university in Western Penn. (Seton Hill, Greensburg, PA). Which (I believe) you referred him to. They offered him a full scholarship plus a starting position, a new Mac and Ipod/phone and an opp to meet Jerome Bettis and the Steelers. We found that respectable. We had considered JC or prep but Patrone likes this route and is looking forward to getting away for a while. D-1 would have been nice (and may still come along perhaps) but we're pleased at this point.

    The school has recently invested $26M in its performing arts program and though we had other options to consider, this falls in line with his musical ambitions. They have considered him at DT (which he still may play) but they've not overlooked his talents as a RB and want him to come out and (in their words) carry the rock?. We visited the school and Patrone feels (as do we) that, though modest, he can do well there. Patrone's position is that as they seem to be a young team (6 yrs or so) and are building a program that he wants to be a big part of. In his words: Dad, I'm gonna go there and put them on the map just like I did YV?. What a cool kid! He is currently gearing up a conditioning schedule for himself that I will help out with. He is Maintaining his weight at 260 and looks good. We are encouraging him to do a double major to maximize the opportunity and not focus on the pros so much. If it happens so be it but not to forget what school is for.

    I hear that the admin at our school looks and feels mighty foolish at this point (scuttlebutt) not helping the #1 RB get into a D1 and all. As I mentioned we have had little to no school involvement in the recruit process so it was a struggle to get notoriety and we do appreciate the support and continued interest of Gridironstuds in our son's progress. If (and when?) Patrone makes it big, Gridironstuds gets a big mention!

    BTW and Interestingly enough, you should know that I've come to find that college coaches place very little value on a parents submission as opposed to a service such as Gridironstuds which is how he our scholarship came to be.

    We would like to thank you and Gridironstuds for your assistance in the recruiting process.